Achieve is a compelling drama. It’s a tale of pride, heart and the
courage of a young man, Jason Hayes, age 35, a thriving
professional mountain climber who dreams of climbing to the
top of the dangerous mountain called Widows Peak. This
mountain has claimed many lives of those who dared to conquer
Jason loses both legs below the knees during a training
climbing accident on Bulls peak. In six months, the annual race
to the top of Widow's Peak is going to take place. A million dollar
prize awaits the winner. Jason trains vigorously while trying to
balance his relationship with his dream. In due time, he is fitted
with two prosthetic legs. The urge to enter the contest grows.
He becomes the joke of the town. Karen, his wife, doesn’t
support him. Will she leave him or will she stay? Will he enter
the race or watch others climb his dream? Someone will die.
Who will it be? The ultimate sacrifice is death if one should fail. If
death becomes Jason or some other unfortunate climber, the
question is, will it be worth it?

Note: If someone is handicapped for any reason, that doesn’t
mean that if that person has a dream, he or she should give up.
That person should push that much harder to make that dream
come true. Let the negative things people say be your fuel to
keep your flame alive. The ultimate goal is to achieve.
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