Adrift is a compelling heart warming drama. The way of life for
the people of Germany has taken a turn for the worse. The will to
make it and enjoy a normal life slowly fades among a lot of
residents who live there. The daily struggles become
unbearable for Gertrude Outage and her young daughter Mary
Outage who was only four years olds. Her father Boson Outage
was killed by German guards. He wouldn’t join the military and
give up his land so they executed him. From that day on, she
and her mother survived from day to day. The urge to flee and
seek a better way of life for Gertrude and her daughter grew
stronger everyday. Nothing was going to stop Gertrude from
fulfilling her dream. The sacrifice she would soon make while
trying to give her daughter a safe childhood and a nice life
would make way for her daughter to see what living was all
about. Their bond in which they shared with each other will be
tested. To lose their life while fleeing would justify her actions
instead of staying behind and being killed by the ones who
murdered her husband.
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