Child of An Army Man
This is Michael Webb's first book (1st child on the left).  It's an autobiography about his
real life's story.  

Each chapter is designed to bring the reader closer to reality and designed to place
them closer to their loved ones and to evaluate their own lives and how they will treat
others in the future.
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The overall focus of this book is about a mother's
love, courage and strength to overcome spouse
abuse and to save her children.  This book will
show that a mother will sacrifice her body and
mind for the well being of her children.

Each chapter will make you cry, laugh and smile.  
Feel the warmth of a mother's love, feel the
resentment of a child towards his or her own father,
and how I, the child of an army man, is transformed
from a young boy to a man.

Enjoy it as you read it with your family and friends!
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