Ashes in the Crops
Ashes in The Crops is a tale of trust and betrayal. The murder of
Mr. Wilkes, an old farmer has taken place in a small town in
Fulton Missouri. His daughter,Janet Wilkes age 35 years old, is a
strong minded detective. She returns to her home town to solve
her father’s murder. While doing so, she befriends a male farmer
who helps her tend to her father’s crops.
Janet’s daughter Stacy, as young as she is, picks up some of her
mother’s detective habits such as taking notes and asking
Janet shares her concerns with Stacy about the dangers which
lies behind some of the question she asks.
Stacy’s curiosity concerning her mother’s boy friend having
something to do with her grandfather’s murder is dead on. Will
her curiosity lead her to the murderer or cause her to become
like her grandfather and that’s murdered?
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