Michael Ray Webb age 41, grew up in
the small country town of Alvarado,
Texas.  He has three other siblings of
which, he is child number three.  The
early years of his life was a struggle.  
Micheal along with his mother and other
siblings suffered at the hands of an
abusive father, an Army Drill Sergeant.  
That began his journey of being an
author, with his first book being, Child of
An Army Man.  His mother was able to
divorce when Michael was about 10
years old.  Times were hard and food
was scarce while growing up.

As a young boy, Michael had a very
unique and vivid imagination.  Along with
maturity and life experiences, he has the
ability to bring his stories to life and draw
you into his world.  He tells his stories
with passion and realism and each page
will hold your attention until the end.
Writing is his life's dream.  He wants to entertain his readers like he entertains his fantasies that
enters into his imagination everyday.  He has written a total of 36 books of which, 6 are published.  
The books are, "Child of an Army Man, Where the Bones Lye, The Given Gift, and Wings of the
Flamingo, Till Death Do Us Part, Silver Spurrs".   

These 6 books are self-published, therefore; reaching a very limited amount of readers.  This
web-site is designed to allow you to know this very talented author and provide you access to
great books that hold your attention and arouses your desire for the his next book to come.

His books are, "quick-reads".   They are designed to hold your attention.  It's straight to the point
so you don't spend all day reading about mindless details, but actually getting to the "good stuff".

Sit back on a quiet day and read the whole thing.  WARNING: once you start the first page, you
are hooked until the last page.

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