Mission Statement
My passion is my writing.
My writing is my dream.
My dream is to become the best at what I do.
I want to bring thousands of readers into my imagination and
live the excitement that I conger up.  You'll feel the sorrow after
leaving the character you've become to know after you
complete the last sentence of the final page.  The moment you
close the book you're eager to open the next one.  I want to
exhaust your mind.  When you rest, while you sleep, the dreams
you dream will be that of you searching for my next story.

The books I write are easy to read books. No big complicated
words, stories are written in a manner for the readers to
consume easily.

I want to peak the reader's imagination.  I want them to imagine
while they are reading in bed or where ever they may choose to
read I want to capture their minds and bring them into the
stories.  I want them to see what the charactor sees, hear what
he hears, hurt when he hurts.  If the character is cold I want the
reader to shiver.  If the character is frightened I want the reader
to feel the chills of the charactor.