Mr. Coffie
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Mr. Coffie is a compelling Drama. It’s a tale of two friends, one of
wealth and one of poverty. Money comes between them. Their
struggles become their strength. Their loss becomes their gain.
Mr. Coffie profession is that of a social worker. The company in
which he owns, takes pride in helping women in distress.
One day Coffie’s bad judgment leads him to become involved
with one of his female clients. This breaks the trust barrier
between he and his fiancée. Coffie’s failure to take the advice
from his father of not getting involved with his female clients
comes to haunt him.
There’s a domestic disturbance. There’s a beating. A phone call
is not made which results in a death.
When a person has great wealth, can he fix the things he breaks
without money?
That’s the question that Mr. Coffie will have to find out for