Color of Courage
Color of Courage is an action packed war drama. It is a tale of
two brothers promising their parents to come back home from
the war alive.
There’s an ambush. There’s a brother shot. Is he dead? There’s
a brother who goes on a killing spree. There’s a brother who
becomes an animal who stops caring. There’s a sighting,
someone’s alive, someone’s captured and tortured.
Leadership will be shown to the highest level.
The main point about this book is that the color of courage
bleeds one color and that’s the color red.
If the world cares about peace, if the world cares about life, why
is it that we have to have a war to come together as one
people? But when the war is over, we as a people separates.
Do we need war to bring us back together to become one again?
Color of courage bleeds the same.
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