Cornfields of Daisy County
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Corn Fields of Daisy County is a novel with a grudge. In a small
country town, Bloomberg Idaho, which is a farm town
surrounded by rich nourishing soil, is rocked by a grave assault
and the robbing of a female’s innocents. An isolated incident
shakes up the steal of the town putting a crack in its foundation.
A town of so few which has the unity of a large city is mislead by
their negative judgment toward a cruel incident some may say
was bound to happen and if it did, would they believe it or would
they sweep it away as if it didn’t happen.
A ledge rape of a local female resident has taken place. The
victim, Daisy Lowell, a loose energetic partier, is seen at the
local bar, Tim’s Bar and Grill, flaunting, flirting a lot and known to
have several sex partners as some may believe. She’s labeled
as the black sheep of town.
On a Friday night Daisy is at Tim’s Bar and Grill. Like always, she
lets her hair down and kicks loose after a hard work week. She
drinks, dances and flirts and throws herself freely on the men
who would allow this behavior. As the night ticks by, she
consumes more beer and alcohol than she can handle. She
becomes sloppy drunk. She’s being watched by a group of men
with bad intentions. There’s an enticement. There’s a dark outer
road. There’s a cornfield. There’s an unwanted incident.