Till Death Do Us Part
Till Death Do Us Part is a very well put together mystery
suspense novel.
A breakdown of respect for human life dwindles at a local
hospital, Beach Hill Hospital which is known for its high quality
health care program. The desire for a green piece of paper
which is that of money, corrupts the mind of the one person that
the sick, the injured and the dying depend on. Doctor Jim Croy,
52, a talented veteran at the hospital earns the respect of a lot
of people for his commitment to his research of medicines which
would result in life saving treatment.
His wife, Melissa Croy of 17 years, a top notch detective of the
New York Police Department, struggles to get answers for
unexplained deaths including rumors of death for hire at the
hospital resulting in insurance fraud.
The vow she made years ago, she’ll make again real soon,
sooner than she thinks and those vows ended with Till Death Do
Us Part.
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