The Ghost that Sees You
The Ghost That Sees You is an emotional up-lifting drama. It’s a
tale of a male, a prestigious lawyer, Flint Williams, who tries to
adopt a baby girl he finds in the trunk of a car on a busy highway
which holds both of her parents. Her mother lies dead with a
single bullet wound to her head in the passenger seat. Her
father dies by his own hands, which is a result of suicide.
Mr. Williams fights an up hill battle trying to prove his
fatherhood. His ability to conquer every hurdle which come his
way results, in an investigation on a crooked child placing
agency which exploits children for money.
If a female can be a single parent, it should be no doubt that a
male can do it as well. Can Mr. Williams be that one man?
While Mr. Williams tries to prove his fatherhood, the infant’s
ghostly mother lingers about protecting him and the baby girl.
Why is she here? Why does she watch? Why?
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