The Given Gift
The Given Gift, this book is a tale of suspense. A janitor, Mr.
Butler, age sixty five, works at Angels Hospital. The gift of life is
inside of him. Patients are cured with just one touch of his hand
or just by his presence.
An evil doctor, Doctor Magee, misleads patient’s loved ones of
his false healing techniques. By doing this, he gains fortune and
fame from his lies.
For Mr. Butler, life becomes a struggle when he refuses to play
along with Dr. Magee’s madness. In due time, Butler brings Dr.
Magee’s crookedness to light. Butler’s health fades.
One night in a dim lit hospital parking lot, there’s an altercation,
there’s gun, a shooting, a death.
There comes a point to where a choice has to be made, Mr.
Butler has to either choose to keep giving life or to give the gift
in which life comes from to some other person. Who could this
person be? He must continue, continue to Butler’s heavenly
duties on earth. Who is he?
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