The Hills of Montana
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The Hills of Montana is a tale of courage and the will to survive.
A son’s desire to surprise his mother with a vacation in the
Bahamas, becomes all but that. There’s a flight followed by a
crash. There’s death, destruction followed by the will to survive.
There’s a rescue mission lead By Kate Brown. Money becomes a
factor as it always does only to those who are weakened by its
green power. The strong will of a Kate will determine the fate of
the two survivors of Flight 127. Time is of essence and of
importance. Eyes of an animal so great, feast on the dead but
seeks the living. Nature will play a vital role in the outcome of
life or death, death for who or what? The sandy beach along with
the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas, is a very long way from
the side of a mountain in Montana which is littered with
wreckage and carnage instead of sand and seagulls. A vacation
it is not, but a vacation it’ll become.