Kenya Skies
Kenya, a ravage torn country is robbed of the hidden wealth
which lies beneath the dark soil of the land that supports
thousands of lives who tread on it day by day. Diamonds and
silver are the precious rocks and metals that feed the hunger of
the country’s representatives greed to under mind their country
therefore robbing them of their wealth of any type of meaningful
affordable living they have.
Obi and Nasheba Okafar fled the ravage torn country to the
United States seeking a better life for them and their one year
old daughter Kenya Okafar. Six months into the states, both her
parents were killed in a car accident. Kenya, left orphaned, was
adopted by and African American couple, Eric and Kimberly
Washington. Kenya Okafar now known as Kenya Washington,
grows into a human rights activist. She learns of her native
countries state of poverty, the famine, the death rates. Mining of
it’s metals and Diamonds alarms her and fuels her drive to
restore her countries state of well being.
Will Kenya’s efforts go unnoticed? Will the fear that others have
become hers? Will her drive blind her from the evil eyes that
watch her every move? Will her drive be her fate? Will her drive
be the result of her becoming like the metals and diamonds lying
beneath the dirt until she’s found?
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