When the Leaves Fall in Autumn
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This is a tale of pride. Two brothers try to repair the bond they
once shared. Pride becomes a powerful divider which both
brothers must somehow overcome. Can they or will they
overcome their differences in time?
The table can be turned if you allow it to spin. If two people are
trying to spin it in two different directions, the odds of the table
turning are none. The bond that one has must be kept in-tacked.
The slightest little crack can cause the foundation to crumble
beyond repair. To put away ones stupid pride means to save
ones self from future heartache. It takes the lost of a loved one
so dear to both brothers to bring them back to rebuild the bond
they once shared. When one dies, no one is left behind. They
are waiting for the others to join him or her in the after life that
we all dream of.