Don't Tell Larinda
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Don’t tell Larinda is an action packed drama, a tale of corruption.
This is a tale of an ex-cop who is framed of a murder. Years of
being a police officer is stripped from him. In due time, he gets
his life back together. To put his love life on hold, he’ll do know
more. A fall off of a bridge at night time during a wiid chase is his
fate which leads him to the love of his life, the love that he
The betrayal of an old friend in which his greed for money has
led to the kidnapping of his own family. In this event, someone
dies, someone lives.
After the investigation is over, the officer who was frame whose
name is Michael makes a promise to the friend who is dieing to
never disclose the information which led up to his families
kidnapping to never get back to his wife whose name is Larinda.
Will Michael keep his promise? Will he keep his promise to
never tell Larinda.