Monster Buck
Monster Buck is a tale of a hunter becoming the hunted. A bullet
fired by a powerful rifle of a lone hunter, Paul Milton, kills a doe
leaving her fawn to fend for himself. A beast is created. The
fawn, over the years, grows big and powerful measuring 10 feet
tall, weighing one thousand pounds.
The huge buck roams the forest hunting the hunters who kills
his kind. The one hunter who gives life to the massive gray eyed
buck is the one hunter who must stop him. The method he
chooses to destroy the massive buck may do one of two things.
Number one, prolong the senseless slaughtering of one of
earths most graceful creatures or preserve the precious
creature to prosper as we as humans do here on mother earth.

The thing is, if you have a gun you die. If you don’t have a gun,
you live.
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