A Brother's Promise
A Brother’s Promise is a heart warming drama mixed with
suspense. An African American male, Robert Mayberry defies all
odds as well as human obstacles to live his dream of becoming
an astronaut. His mother Evelyn Mayberry dies at the age of 36
leaving him at the age of 16 to raise his handicapped brother
Tim Mayberry who was 5 years old at the time. Robert’s strength
of brotherhood will be tested to the max when it comes to his
Robert’s desire of becoming an Astronaut strengthens those
who are in his corner and weakens others who defy him.
To give up on ones dream means to give up everything that one
person stands for.
Robert makes a promise to his dying mother that he would never
leave his younger brother. Will Robert’s drive to be an Astronaut
cause him to stray away from his promise? What will he do? Will
he keep his promise or fulfill his dream?
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