All My Life Running
All my Life Running is a compelling drama filled with confusion.
This book is about a by-racial child, Amber Hamilton, fathered by
husband and wife, Donald Hamilton (African American) and Lisa
Hamilton, (Caucasian)
Amber spends her childhood finding her true identity as others
would say.
She’s shielded from the truth and led by lies of her mother.
Amber grows apart from her father socially but not in her heart.
Deep down she knows who she is or what race she has to
become in order to fit in without the constant ridicules and
countless put-downs.
For one to judge others from the color of their skin or who they
associate with, means that the one person who judges is
unhappy with themselves therefore, wishing nothing but the
worse for the one they judge to always live in constant
Amber has to figure out who or what she is. Amber has to take
her life into her own hands.
Will she become the decision she makes or will she let others
decide who she’ll be? Because if she does, she’ll spend all her
life running.
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