Silver Spurs
Buck the Bounty Hunter, is the one name that frightens all
outlaws. Those who refuse to put down their guns and tangle
with Buck, succumbs to Buck’s pearl handled sidearms.
The bond between two brothers, twins, Romie and Buck will be
shattered when the weaker of the two which is Romie, is
brutally beaten, stabbed, cut, battered and burnt by the hands
of the infamous gang, the Devil Ridge Gang.
Buck vows to his mother to put his sidearms away out of fear
of losing her only son. His lost love of long ago comes into his
life again. Buck assumes the role of husband and not that of
the bounty hunter many come to know him of.
Now that Buck has put his guns away, the Devil Ridge Gang
rummage throughout the country side robbing, killing, raping
at will. Those men, who dare to try to stop the gang, will meet
some form of horrible torturous death.
In due time, Buck breaks the vow he made to his mother and
goes after the gang. This decision may have cost Buck his life.
Buck slips up. The rage that flows throughout his body causes
him to overlook the eyes that watch him. Will this crucial
mistake be the death of him? Will his mother be without
another son? Will the infamous Devil Ridge Gang continue
their rein of terror throughout the west? How many people will
fall victim to the gang?
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