Land is given to those who deserved it. Land is given to those who paid the
price of being black.  Land is given to those who survived constant
torment.  A group of white men of long ago, in the town of Alvarado, Texas,
took control of black peoples' land by force even by killing them.  Old man
Brown, an African American, owner of ten acres of promising farm land, is
harassed and is made an offer that if refused, could cause him his life and
others around him.  There is a beating, there is a murder, there is a
cover-up.  Many souls could not be set free until his death is made known.  
Can two men of rival familes come together to repair the color line which
was broken by people in the past?  The bones will lye no more.
**This book is also written in a movie script format and is awaiting future production.**
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