Wings of the Flamingo
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This is a tale of a murder mystery. A prominent female biologist,
Laura Hingle, 38, shoulder length brown hair, is very spunky and has
the drive that won’t quit when it comes to her research on a
vanishing wetland which supports a thriving ecosystem and a
flamingo breeding ground.
The owner of a growing prestigious luxury golf course, Dan
Peterson, threatens to buy the section of wetland to better his golf
course. This could be very critical to the inhabitants of the wetlands
if this takes place.
Bill Hingle, Laura’s husband, proud owner of Hingle-Carnie-Schaffer
Law Firm is reluctant to involve himself with Laura’s interest of the
Florida Wetlands. The tables will turn causing his interest for the
wetlands to become his passion when his wife’s body is found
beaten, raped and left for dead lying face down in a small pool of
water near the Flamingo hatchery.
The wing of the Flamingo and the hundreds of pictures holds the
answers to his wife’s untimely, senselessly and cruel murder. Will
Bill’s commitment to his wife’s dream lead him to her murderer or to
his fate?